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Is A Wedding Videographer Worth It?

While Tim and I were planning our wedding, I was in a couple of wedding groups on Facebook. In these groups, people were constantly asking if a wedding videographer was worth it. Personally, I knew from the start that I wanted a videographer. To me, I wanted to answer all of these post with a big, all capital letter – YES. However, as I had yet to experience the big day with a videographer, I felt unqualified to provide an opinion.,

Now that Tim and I have tied the knot, experienced a videographer directly, and have received our wedding video, as well as the raw footage, I thought it was time to share my opinion on hiring a videographer for your wedding. Is a wedding videographer worth it? Well, my answer is still a big, all capital letter YES, but this time accompanied with two underlines and an exclamation mark, as such:

Tim and I spent a pretty penny on our videographer and honestly, it was completely worth it to us. In the one year we have had our video, we have already watched it enough and been given enough happiness to get our money’s worth. However, watching the video as if it’s your own personal romantic movie is not the only thing that makes hiring a videographer for your wedding day to be worth it. Keep reading to discover all the reasons I believe a videographer is a must for your wedding day!

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A Videographer Creates A Movie For Life

One of the reasons I was so sure about having a videographer at my wedding from the start of the wedding planning process was because I knew it would be something I had for life. I loved the idea of having a video that I could watch as many times and as often as I wanted. I loved the idea of having the ability to relive mine and my husband’s special day.

When I think about when I am 80 years old and watching my wedding video on with Tim. I think of watching all my friends and family experience our day. And I love that idea. It may be morbid, but your loved ones won’t be around forever. Being able to permanently capture their voices and mannerisms is such a special thing. Especially when watching them celebrate their love for your love. Plus, with a video, you can show it to your kids!

Videgrapher’s Catch All The Moments You Missed

As the bride (and even the groom), you tend to miss quite a lot of your day despite it being your day. Having a videograper fixes that for you by capturing all that is going on. Even if these moments aren’t included in your video, the raw footage will allow you to see these missed moments for yourself. Of course, this can depend on the package you choose and the length of hours being covered.

For myself, it was fun to watch the raw footage of my husband and his groomsmen getting ready. I got to watch them crack some jokes, exchange some gag gifts, and all around, have a good time getting ready for our day. For my husband, he enjoyed watching my side of things as it was a very different pace from his. I also had our 9 month old daughter with me so he enjoyed any clip that showed her getting ready, too!

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Video Captures the Mood of the Day

A video captures your day in a way that your photos can’t. I had an amazing photographer – she had (and still has) the ability to create magic with a camera. However, a still photo can only capture so much. It can capture your best man making a speech, and it can show how your guest reacted – but it can’t quite record the words being said and the jokes being laughed at.

In extension, it can capture your 9-month-old being wheeled down the aisle in a wagon but can’t capture the “aw’s” from all the wedding guests. That’s the wonderful thing about having a wedding videographer.

Video Allows You To Relive All Your Favourite Moments

There are things that are hard to experience through pictures alone, but are easier (and possibly more fun) through video. Some of these things include the first dance, the cake cutting, and maybe even smashing cake in each other’s face. We didn’t do that, but if that’s your vibe than it may be fun for you to watch!

My husband and I wrote our own vows. We had them included into our wedding video to have the ability of listening to how we said them. We also had five people speak at our wedding (my parents, my husband’s parents, the best man, the maid of honour, and ourselves). While we didn’t include each of the speeches in our wedding video, we did receive them in our raw footage. It is so special to be able to go and watch these speeches over again and remember what everyone said and how they said it.

It’s Really Hard to Take In Every Moment of Your Big Day

Your day will fly by faster than you know it. You hear it said all the time but I don’t think it really dawns on you just how true it is until you experience it yourself. It flies! One minute, I was waking up, driving over to my parent’s house where my girls and I were to be getting ready, and with a blink of an eye, Tim and I were getting into our limo to go back to our hotel. I realized it was happening, but it was so hard to take everything in!

What I love about having a videographer is that they were able to capture all those moments I didn’t fully take in, despite witnessing them myself. I’m now able to re-watch how my Grandma reacted to my husband and I entering the reception. I can now re-watch my other Grandma getting emotional at seeing the “In Memorial” for her late husband, my Papa. And I can even re-watch my daughter’s pure happiness while being held by me, just moments before leaving for the venue.

You’re Spending So Much Already

Ok, I know this initially sounds like a reason not to get a videographer but bare with me here. The average cost of a wedding in Canada is $29k, and in the United States, the cost rises to $33k. If you’re going to be spending upwards of 20-30k on your wedding day, don’t you want to be able to fully relive it? You will never be able to completely “re-do” your exact day, but a video makes it close. Being able to experience your day over and over, to watch all the small and big moments right in front of you, and to feel the same feeling your felt that day is a wonderful thing.

With all this said, my husband and I (yes, I even asked him) truly believe having a wedding videographer to capture our special day was completely worth it. It wasn’t cheap, as we knew we wanted to really splurge, but having the ability to relive this day as much as we want it something I don’t think you can put a price on. With that, you can watch our wedding video for yourself here:

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[Pinable Image] Wedding Videographer: Is It Worth It?
[Pinable Image] Wedding Videographer. Is It Worth It?



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