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My Top 10 Travel Essentials

Traveling is something that I LOVE to do but do not get to do too often given that Tim and I are still paying off our student loans and both work pretty heavy schedules. When we do get the opportunity to travel, as fun as we know the trip is going to be, the packing can be a hassle.

Always knowing what my 10 travel essentials are, or my “Easy Grabs”, helps take the stress off of packing and puts more relaxation into the trip. Whether we are going on a road trip to visit family or taking a plane to another country, I know that with this list, the packing will be a breeze.

1. A Great Carry-On Bag

Whether you’re the type to pack your entire vacations worth of clothing in a carry-on or just the essentials, having a roomy carry-on bag is super important! For our vacation to Myrtle Beach, Tim and I actually just used our diaper bag given that most of the stuff we needed in our carry-on was for Charlotte. It’s also way bigger and more comfortable to wear than all the other bags we own!

The best parts about the Lil Elephant Diaper Bag Backpack is that it: 1) easily fits under the airplane seat in front of you (no need to fight for a compartment above!) and 2) it has multiple compartments so you can easily find what you need without digging your arm through!

2. Portable Charger

Listening to Podcast or watching saved Netflix episodes is a great way to pass the time when flying (or just waiting to board). But what you don’t want is to be the victim of a dead phone with all the plugs around you taken. That’s why having a portable charger is a MUST for me! It also helps prevent your phone from dying in the middle of a good photo opportunity.

Just remember to double check the charge of your portable charger before you leave for the airport; that way you can fully power it up before going on your trip!

3. A Cardigan/Sweater

I am someone who gets cold very easily, so bringing a cardigan on flights with me is necessary. They are really easy to put on and take off without interrupting those around you and provide so much extra warmth and comfort. The best part: they can also act as a pillow if you’re not cold! I cannot travel without one at this point.

4. Gum/Mints/Oral Care

Having bad breath with no way to fix the problem is one of those situations that I hate being stuck in. I like to always carry gum in my purse and have a toothbrush and toothpaste close by.

This handy toothbrush and toothpaste case makes it so much easier to carry your oral care in your travel bag without having to worry about it exploding in your bag!

5. Hydro-Boosting Sunscreen and Moisturizer

I have extremely dry skin, as in “flaky if it’s not wet” type of dry skin. I already use the Neutrogena hydro-boost line on a daily basis, but I make sure to pack the sunscreen and moisturizer while traveling. Otherwise, my skin just becomes as dry as a bone, overly burns and peels the entire trip. Not pretty.

Since switching to the hydro-boost line, my skin has never looked better. It instantly quenches dry skin to keep it smooth and hydrated all day. It also absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving no feelings of “greasy” skin.

This is not an ad – I just have experienced great benefits from the line.

6. Vitamins/Medicine/First-Aid

Vitamins, medicines, pills, and first-aid are things I always hate packing. However, these are things I absolutely need to have with me during travel. The bottles are just so bulky and take up so much space.

For my latest trip, I actually just dumped all my vitamins and Advil in the same baggy. Probably not my smartest idea (though I did know which was which). For my next trip, I plan on purchasing my own medicine storage containers. It would make packing my vitamins and first-aid so much easier!

7. Toiletry Bag

Having clear packaging cubes for my traveling toiletry bags is fantastic for organizing Tim’s, Charlotte’s, and my toiletries. Bathroom trips, daily routines, and bath times are so much easier when you can immediately see which bag has what without having to dig through and discover for yourself.

I also love that if any bottle were to explode or leak, it would be fully contained and not all over my luggage!

8. Re-usable Water Bottle

I don’t like drinking from plastic water bottles, so instead, I lug my own reusable water bottle around with me even when traveling! The big benefit (besides being eco-friendly) is that my reusable water bottle carries 4-cups of water. As someone who only drinks water, having a large amount on hand is a must when traveling. Just make sure to have it empty when going through security!

9. Travel Sunglasses

My eyes are super sensitive to the sunlight and therefore, I do not go anywhere without my sunglasses. I like to have an ultra-strong pair that will absorb as much light as possible, be light enough that I can wear them all day, and be classy and trendy.

The reviews on the “Carfia Polarized Sunglasses” are really high with a promise to absorb 99% of visible light and are very light-weight. I have already ordered my own pair for this upcoming summer!

10. Camera, Batteries, and Case

You cannot forget your camera, camera batteries, and camera case when it comes to traveling! Many people rely on their phones to take pictures, and there is nothing wrong with that! But this still goes for you – remember a portable phone charger so you’re not stuck missing a photo opportunity due to a dead battery.

If you prefer to use a digital camera to take your phones, buying an extra battery, or an extra charger, can go a long way. This can help make sure you are always prepared for that beautiful photo opportunity!

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