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Second Pregnancy: The First Trimester

Exciting news!! We’re having another baby – Baby #2 is due to arrive early September! This is semi-old news to me considering I am already 23 weeks along, but it’s new news here! Or, at least a week-ish new if you’re following my Instagram and saw my announcement over there.

I wanted to share my journey with this second pregnancy here not only so other’s can relate and compare, but also so I have this experience documented to look back on later. I love looking back on my pregnancy journey with Charlotte and I know that this post will become a treasure in no time! Without further ado, here’s my journey with the first trimester with my second pregnancy.

Despite what it looks like – No, I am not sitting on the toilet here! Taking a picture in shorts was just poor planning on my part.

Finding Out

I could tell I was pregnant long before taking the home pregnancy test, despite Tim saying there was no way. With Charlotte, I had experienced some of the common early pregnancy signs but had no idea. However, with this pregnancy, I was experiencing no such symptoms – hence why Tim didn’t think I was pregnant.

I wasn’t even sure if I had missed my period yet as it had yet to become regular again since giving birth to Charlotte. But even though I had no sore breast or bloating (like last time), I could somehow tell I was pregnant.

I told Tim my thoughts on a Friday night, and it was the following Monday (after having two pregnancy dreams back-to-back) that I shoved aside his “no way” and bought a test. It was positive!

I immediately called my friend Victoria to share the amazing and completely unexpected news. Together we came up with a way to tell Tim when I picked him up from work later that evening. I took one of Charlotte’s white onesie, wrote “Big Sister” on it. When I picked him up, I told him to go look at her shirt. The first words out of his mouth was a laughing “how?” and then he immediately got the biggest smile on his face and started talking about having another little baby in the house! (The “how” is in reference to him not believing me, not him not knowing how babies are made! LOL.)

Early Days

After taking the test, I called my doctor to put in motion the ultrasounds, OB-GYN check ups, etc. The first few doctor appointments were extremely rough due to unprofessional behaviour on my doctor’s part, along with information being withheld from me due to her demand. Fortunately, I was able to switch doctors for the second trimester, but unfortunately, I do not have any ultrasound photos or information about my baby from my first trimester.

Almost immediately after discovering I was pregnant, the pregnancy dreams started. Or, I guess you could say they started the weekend before if you add in those two back-to-back dreams about being pregnant!

I also noticed a weight gain fairly quickly but those around me swore they didn’t notice anything. I’m not sure if they were being truthful or just trying to be nice! They did eventually notice a bump coming around when I reached 19 weeks.


Similar to my pregnancy with Charlotte, I, thankfully, had no morning sickness or nausea. Instead, I had migraines, lightheadedness, and vision loss. From weeks 9 to 13, I was so sensitive to light. I would keep all the lights off and the blinds closed. Any loud noises made my headaches worse so I avoided watching TV or listening to music. It was a challenge to do anything, let alone be a full-time mom to a growing baby who was, at the time, learning how to walk and wanted to do more than just watch her mom suffer on the couch.

Whenever I stood, even if done very slowly, my vision would go black for up to a minute. I tried going to the doctor and the eye doctor for this but was met with a “just drink more water” from both. I was already drinking 9 cups a day so basically, that meant I had to wait it out. Thankfully though, this was the first symptom to stop.

Surprisingly, I was not as tired during the first trimester this time as I was with Charlotte. However, I was ten-times more anxious. I’ve talked about my anxiety before, but this level was unlike anything I had experience. I couldn’t really do anything without paranoid thoughts swimming in my head. I once tried to shower while Charlotte napped (Tim was at work) only for me to have to end it early because I was convinced Charlotte wouldn’t be in her crib when I was done. Logically, I knew the doors and windows were locked. I could even see her bedroom door from the shower, yet I still was convinced and panicking. Thankfully, this symptom lessened naturally by the second trimester.

Nutrition & Cravings

I asked Tim what he remembers me craving during the first trimester and his response: “attention”. Sounds about right, but food wise, I went through needing vegetable soup, cinnamon rolls, and smartpop. I also badly wanted cookie dough and hot dogs but of course, the stuff you really want is the stuff you are recommended not to eat.

The first thing I had to do when discovering I was pregnant (and realistically should have been doing naturally for a while) was to up my intake of both food and water. I have a knack for forgetting to eat but growing a human is serious motivation to break the bad habit. I also had to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet considering I live off of cereal, PB+Js, and pasta. Both Charlotte and Tim eat better than me, so I’ve been copying the notes from their books! I do all the cooking and preparing for Charlotte anyway, so it was just a matter of making double the amount and not resorting to giving her a healthy meal and myself toaster waffles.

Staying Fit

I tried to stay active for my first trimester, but that all went downhill once I hit week 9. My migraines, lightheadedness, and vision loss made me unable to do much except for care for Charlotte and lie on the couch. Just walking up to Charlotte’s bedroom and back was a challenge enough honestly.

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Once I started to feel better, I started to take Charlotte for daily walks just to get in some activity. I still haven’t added in full on workouts due to getting lightheaded too often, but gentle activity after weeks of nothing has been massively appreciated.

Telling Family

Surprisingly, we only told two family members that I was expecting during my first trimester and neither of them was either of our parents. We planned on not telling anyone until after Charlotte’s first birthday to give her a full year of being the youngest with no “can’t-wait-for-the-next-one” comments. However, we ended up telling my younger brother and his girlfriend at about the 11-week mark. This was mainly because Lauren, my brother’s girlfriend, was very suspicious and kept making comments about me definitely being pregnant. So I told her and my brother in order to get her to stop making those comments. They were both ecstatic!

The benefit to telling Lauren early though was having her help to brainstorm a creative way to tell my parents! I ended up creating a “Grandkids Make Life Grand” sign with a couple of hanging photos – one of which was a photo of Charlotte announcing her new status! My parents were absolutely shocked and had no clue at all – despite me really believing my Mom was catching on. They even loved the sign and photos!

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