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My Favourite Love Story – The Story of Tim and I

Tim and I celebrate one month of marriage today – December 17th! Due to the fact that he is rarely ever seen on my blog and even less on my Instagram, I thought I should introduce him by telling our story.

engagement photos

In 2015, while in my second year of university, I moved into my first apartment with some friends. This was the first time in my life that I actually had bills to pay all by myself. Prior to this, I did pay my own phone bill but I was able to do that with babysitting and tutoring money. Now I had rent, electricity, water, Internet, phone, and textbooks. Because I was two hours away from my family, and two hours away from all the families I babysat and tutored for, it was time for me to get a job.

Right across from my apartment was a Tim Hortons. I figured it was worth a shot applying, and immediately got hired.

While I don’t remember my first few shifts, I do remember that first meeting with Tim. I was the new employee working front cash, while he was a veteran over at drive-thru. He came up to me during some downtime to make some small talk. I actually thought he was lying about his name when I first heard it – a Tim who decided to work at Tim Hortons? No way.

I didn’t think much about him until he asked me what town I was from. I gave my automatic answer, “it’s really small, you wouldn’t know it”. When I told him the name, he replied: “why is it spelled that way?”. This caught me by complete surprise because no one ever knows the town, let alone knows how it’s spelled.

“While I don’t remember my first few shifts, I do remember that first meeting with Tim.”

After a few more shifts with Tim, I really took notice of him. I would find myself thinking about how cute and funny he is.

A few weeks passed, and we somehow started actually talking (and I’m super shy so I don’t know how this happened). We shared stories on being far from home, coming to a new town where you don’t know anyone and the family that we missed. Tim told me all about his nieces and nephew, and how he hates that he only sees them once or twice a year. He told me about a game he plays with them based on a Harry Potter Puppet Pals video. 

Hearing the excitement he had while telling the story further drew me to Tim. I was (and am) an extremely big family person – I would (and still do) spend every single weekend with my family. I’m really close to my parents, my brothers are my best friends, and I see my little cousins like my own little babies. The fact that Tim seemed to be a family person was huge to me.

However, it wasn’t until October 8th, several weeks later, that I was hooked.

the first gift

The Gift That Started It All

On October 8th, I was working an evening shift. Around 8pm, our supervisor Chelsea (same Chelsea who did our engagement photos and wedding photos!) asked all of us on shift if we wanted a freshly-baked muffin to take home. (Tim was the baker on this particular night.) Being fall at the time and me being a basic white girl, I asked for a pumpkin spice muffin with extra filling.

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When I went to leave at the end of my shift, Tim reminded me not to forget my muffin. I immediately took notice of the giant S on it, and the fact that no other muffin had an initial. I tried to act cool, “oh, you put an S for Stephanie? Thank you!”, but the moment I was out of sight, I happy danced. And I happy danced my entire two-minute walk home! I ended up calling my Mom to gush, and even woke up my roommate’s to gush – I was just so ridiculously happy that this guy that I was crushing on put my initial on my muffin but no one else’s!

(Fast forward about a year: I find out that the S was a complete mistake. Tim had messed up when filling the muffin by getting a dot at the top, so he decided to turn the dot into an S. He claims he wasn’t even positive my name began with an S. When I asked what he would have done had I asked, “why an S?” that he would have said for “super”. Honestly, that probably just would have made me crush even harder so it would have worked out anyways.)

The One “Obstacle”

Now that I was officially hooked – the “chase” began. I tried to find out more about him and his lifestyle, his morals and values. Along this process, I also found out his age.

I never even considered his age prior to this; I figured he would only be two to three years older at max. We both attended university, I knew he was working full time and going to school part-time. I knew he was in his fourth year but it would take him two years to do it. What I didn’t know was that he had taken a year off after high school and that he had already completed a college diploma. He was eight years older than me!

At first, I wondered if this was an issue. Personally, I didn’t care that he was older – but I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about me being so much younger. I was only nineteen at the time after all. I also wasn’t sure how my family would react to me possibly dating someone who was twenty-seven. (Spoiler Alert: They didn’t care at all.)

Even with the eight-year gap, I was still determined to see where things could go with us. So I got his number… from a friend… because I am a big chicken and could not get the guts to ask for his number myself.

The First Text

One thing that Tim and I would spend our shifts doing was telling each other jokes. So I figured the best way to break the ice in text would be by sending a joke. I texted him, “How many apples grow on a tree?”, and immediately after sent the punchline text, “All of them”.

Shortly after, Tim replied with a “That’s funny, but who is this?” to which I replied it was me and we instantly started switching jokes. This lasted a solid week – the only thing we texted to each other would be jokes. I had friends sending me any jokes they heard so I could send them to Tim.

Once we ran out of jokes, we started talking about our likes and dislikes. We discovered we had literally nothing trivial in common! Tim is a big metal head, loves stand-up comedy, and wants to work with numbers. I like classical music, prefer going to concerts, and absolutely hate numbers. This didn’t bug us because honestly, these things aren’t important, but we did find it funny!

gingerbread house date night

The First Date

It took about a month of talking but I eventually won Tim over into going on a date. I didn’t actually ask him on a date or mention a date at all, but I said we should build a gingerbread house together and if that doesn’t say “courtship” than I don’t know what does. While I had a huge crush on Tim, I didn’t want to rush into anything. So I wore red lipstick as a way to prevent him from kissing me! Looking back, I laugh at how silly I was being, but I wanted to test the waters before jumping in.

We did, in fact, build a gingerbread house that night, but it was mostly a backdrop for what was really going on. “Gingerbread Night”, as we would later come to call it, involved talking about family and school, and later showing Tim dozens of pictures of my younger cousins and gushing about them. I was kind of nervous, and didn’t know what else to talk about, but Tim seemed interested in listening to the stories behind each photo. I think we went through nearly every photo on my computer! It must have worked, because Tim officially asked me to be his girlfriend a few days later on December 11th!

The rest, as they say, is history. We have since moved in together, got engaged, had a baby, and just last month, we got married!

Happy one-month of marriage, Tim!

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