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12 Lists to Always Keep Updated

I love list. And if you’re here, there’s a good change you have some positive feelings towards list as well. Or maybe, you aren’t completely in love with keeping list but you want you “get your life on track” and are hoping creating some list will help. Whatever the case, I am here to help by giving you my list of lists!

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But why should you keep list?

Well, making list and keeping them will assist in creating a more productive lifestyle that fits to your needs and desires. List have this ability to bring a sense of order to our lives. They make our lives a bit easier, and even more under control. They are a great way of getting things out of our heads, and a great tool to refer back on when needed.

For me, the absolute biggest advantage of writing and keeping list is the relief it gives to my anxiety levels. When I try to keep everything in my mind, my brain feels so scrambled and overwhelm. When I write it down, it brings a sense of peace, calm, and order. Once I write things down, I can actually feel a weight lifted from my shoulders.

List Can Help You

One of the main reasons to write and stick to keeping list is that they can help you. They are a great way to make your life easier and more efficient – from keeping your usernames + passwords to shopping for birthday gifts.

List are best with helping in:

  1. Organizing and prioritizing tasks,
  2. Remembering all the details,
  3. Saving time,
  4. Making your life easier,
  5. Making your house run smoother,
  6. Achieving goals and feeling accomplished, and
  7. Adding a little bit of fun to your life.

A lot of people say you NEED a planner to keep organized. While they can be super helpful (I’m currently loving my HP themed one), you can definitely get and stay organized without one. Having some lined paper, a pen or pencil, and a way to keep your paper together will be just fine enough! A binder or a folder, or even a couple paper clips could do the job. I would recommend not using your phone notepad for your list, as you miss the visual, but hey if that works for you then go for it!

Take a look at these 12 lists that will keep your life running smoothly, efficiently, and enjoyably if kept updated!

List That Will Help You Stay Productive

1. Goal List

Starting with my absolute favourite list – the goal list. It’s been proven that when you write your goals down, especially in the S.M.A.R.T method, you’re way more likely to achieve them. In fact, they say you’re actually 42% more likely to achieve them when you write them down.

I write a lot of goal lists. I write my long-term New Year goals on January 1st, and turn them into short-term monthly goals on the first of each month. I also write long-term marriage specific goals with my husband each marriage anniversary. Lastly, I write short-term social media goals about once every three months. Overall, that’s about 17 goal lists that I write in a year. And honestly, I am pretty good at sticking to them.

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2. To-Do List

Whether you are a SAHM like me, or someone who works outside of the house, having a to-do list can help you. Starting each day with a plan will create more space in your mind. It also keeps you from worrying about what you might be forgetting, or questioning what your next actions should be.

Try to write your to-do list either the night before or once a week and spreading out all your weekly task into the days of the week. Then, actually follow your list. Start with the most annoying or time consuming task to get them out of the way. That way, you get a massive burst of self-accomplishment and can move onto more enjoyable tasks.

3. Project List

Having a master project list allows you to get all your “one day” projects out of your mind and into the physical world. Even if just in pen and paper form for now. Having it written down will create a desire to get them done and cross them off.

Keep track of all the projects you’re responsible for here – from work and school, to home and personal. Check in with this list from time to time and review your progress. You can also break your projects into smaller, more management steps when you write them down and really get a chance to think about them.

List That Will Assist In Your Household Running Smoothly

4. Grocery List

Most people have this list constantly going in their mind, but almost always forget something when they get to the store. Avoid that mishap by writing down your grocery list as the week goes by. Keep track of what you’re out of, and what you need to buy. Taping a piece of paper onto your fridge is a great way to be consistent with updating your list.

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5. Tracking Areas to Declutter

If you follow me on my Instagram stories, you might be aware of the fact that my office is my problem area. It is less of an office and more of a storage room. For the most part, I tend to ignore it and let the mess build up because I find it too overwhelming. However, I still try to tackle it at least once a week. I pick a category, such as “paper”, and really hammer down on it.

With keeping a list of areas to declutter, I can slowly tackle the room. It’s still a work in progress but it’s definitely way better than it used to be! I have now extended the list to other areas of my house such as “kitchen junk drawer” and “bedroom closet” to remember to tackle them as well. I have found it so useful to get my feelings of overwhelm regarding these areas written down and crossed off.

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6. Money Owed & Money Loaned List

Having a collective list of the money you owe, whether that be to friends or to the government, is a handy tool for getting your money situation in order. On top of that, directly watching your balance go down can be extremely satisfying. There are so many visually pleasing ways to track your debt repayments, just give it a google and try one for yourself!

It’s also super handy to have a list of the money you have loaned to others. No more forgetting how much money you have lent to others.

List That Will Make Your Life Easier

7. Collection of Gift Ideas

Keeping a list of gift ideas throughout the year makes all birthday and gift-giving seasons 10x easier. Have a family member or friends name written down, and anytime you are with them and they mention something they would like, write it down. Even if you think it would be too expensive for you alone to purchase – come holiday time, you can suggest to a group to come together and buy the item for that person.

Don’t forgot to also write down a list of all the things you want. That way, when someone ask what you want for a gift, you don’t go blank and suddenly forget everything you’ve ever wanted only to answer with “socks”. Unless you want socks, then I guess you’re safe!

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8. Bills Record

Creating a space for you to record all of your bill information will be extremely helpful. More so if you don’t have automatic payments set-up or if you follow a budget. The important details to write down are: what the bill is, the payment amount due, and the day the payment is due. If you have credit card payments or anything similar, they can also be written in your bill list as they have minimum payments and dates due.

9. Account Username + Password Inventory

I feel like this one is pretty natural for nearly any person who has an online presence, but I figured I would add it just in case. Write down your usernames and passwords! Yes, actually write (or type) them down. Use key phrases if you’re worried about stumbling across your information and using it. Maybe use a notebook with a key lock? Androids and iPhones now have password protected notes so that’s another option! Unfortunately, I am not experienced with any other phones though… Just write your usernames and passwords down and keep them updated. You’ll save yourself a headache.

List That Are Fun to Keep

10. Bucket List

I know that bucket list are kind of seen as a these “completely unrealistic” things, but honestly, they don’t have to be. The great thing about writing your biggest dreams down into a bucket list is that you now can start thinking tangibly on how to make that dream come true. In my mind, anything is possible as long as you work for it. So write down your biggest dreams, and then start to think what you can do to make them a reality. Do you want to swim with the dolphins? Start to research where you can do that, how much it would cost, and start planning.

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11. Birthday + Anniversary Tracking

Having a collection of birthday and anniversaries either written down, plugged into your phones calendar, or displayed around your house is a fantastic way to make sure you’re never late to offer someone well wishes. For this one, make sure to chose a method that you will actually see each day. Otherwise, it slightly defeats the purpose!

12. Books Read + Books to Read

If you’re someone who enjoys reading, there’s a good chance you will enjoy having all the books you have read and want to read organized in one spot. No more needing to remember which books you want to read next – just check your list!

A really handy tool for collecting the books you’ve read verse the books you want to read is the website Goodreads. I have had a Goodreads account for roughly seven years now and I still am obsessed with it. You can track books read, books to read, books currently reading, as well as any other topics you want to track as you are able to make your own “shelves”. Personally, I created a books abandoned shelf to remember which books I started but did not enjoy.

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