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My (First) Pregnancy Journey

“My boobs are killing me.”

“Maybe you should take a pregnancy test?”

“Nah, I’m probably just getting my period. It was due yesterday.”

“You’re taking the test.”

That was the conversation that sparked a trip into a Shoppers Drugmart to buy a pregnancy test. An hour and so later, a line turned into two. I was pregnant.

Finding out I was pregnant was a total whirlwind of emotions. It didn’t feel real. I took two separate tests on two different days at two different times, but the results were clear as day – two big, pink lines. I had no idea what to think. Tim and I really wanted to raise a handful of kids, but we didn’t expect to get pregnant so quickly.

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12 Weeks Pregnant
12 Weeks Pregnant

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The First Trimester

I didn’t feel pregnant. I saw the results but truly did not believe them. It was only hearing a heartbeat at a second-trimester scan that it finally dawn on me that I was growing a little human! 

Pregnancy Symptoms

I, very thankfully, had no morning sickness. However, I was tired. I was so, so tired for the first few weeks of my pregnancy. I had to stop myself from falling asleep in the car (passenger), during the baby’s naptime at work, even while washing dishes! It was so hard to keep my eyes open!

On top of being tired – I was constantly light-headed. There was a solid three weeks where showering was a struggle because I couldn’t stand that long without feeling as if I was going to faint, so I would sit in the shower. (I don’t like baths so I wasn’t about to resort to having one.)

The one thing that made my lightheadedness ten times worse was scents. I have never liked strong scents, but during pregnancy, I would have to leave the room if someone sprayed perfume.

The worst smell for me was a cigarette smell. I don’t smoke, and nor does anyone in my family, but I lived in a duplex during my pregnancy. Unfortunately, my neighbours smoked quite heavily. It was a non-smoking apartment but they would still smoke inside. I actually had to call in sick twice to work because of my neighbours smoking inside. It caused me to not be able to get out of bed without falling from the dizziness. I would then have to get my parents to pick me up to get me out of the apartment and away from the smell. It was bad. Luckily for me, they got evicted shortly after my second trimester began. My dizziness was never as bad.

Pregnancy Cravings

Now, the weirdest part about the first trimester was how much I hated cookies. My brain would tell me to eat some cookies for comfort, as it normally does, but when I would open a pack – they would disgust me! Instead, I wanted things like chicken alfredo pasta and sour cream and onion rings! Both delicious, but not the things I am used to craving.

26 Weeks Pregnant
26 Weeks Pregnant

The Second Trimester

I was so thankful to hit my second trimester! I still didn’t feel pregnant, but I was starting to feel the little baby flutters. At first, I just passed the sensation off as random stomach movements. But once they began to get more frequent and harder, I realized it was my little baby showing her presence. They were the best feelings in the world! That is, up until she started full-on kicking my bladder and ribs during my third trimester. I wasn’t as big of a fan then!

However, we did get to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time as well as see her little face in 3D! It was magical. Life was feeling so good and wonderful, and felt perfectly on track to a wonderful delivery.


The second trimester started off pretty easy for me. My energy levels were back to normal – I was able to shower without sitting, and could work without getting winded. I still didn’t like sweets, which had me convinced we were having a boy, but I was able to eat everything else.

Staying Fit

Exercise wise, I was going on one to two hour-walks a day pushing a triple stroller due to work requirements. I didn’t feel the need to add in anymore at-home exercise.

Staying Healthy

However, midway through the second trimester, I got the flu. Not a big deal, just a little demotivating. Working in the baby room at a daycare, I saw a lot of the flu going around. I just hoped I wouldn’t get it. Even so, I wasn’t too worried as when I have gotten the flu previously, it would only last a day.

Boy, was that not what happened this time. Pregnancy had really weakened my immune system.

Very early into the flu season, I caught it and it lasted for a week! I actually puked so much that I popped every single blood vessel on my face – I looked like an alien! My face was completely swollen and my voice was gone from just vomiting non-stop.

It was horrible and I truly thought I was never going to recover. I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to being sick apparently.

When I finally recovered and was all settled back into work… I got it again.

Silly enough, I told myself that there was no point in getting the flu shot now that I had already suffered. I think I convinced myself that the flu was like the chicken pox – you can only get it once? Should have reminded myself that even chicken pox can come back for revenge in the form of shingles.

Thankfully, when I caught the flu for the second time, it only lasted me a long weekend. I was set to go back into work Monday morning. It was a real breath of fresh air to feel healthy and energized again for the first time in what felt like forever!

36 Weeks Pregnant
36 Weeks Pregnant

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The Third Trimester

Pregnancy Reveal

The third trimester was when my belly finally popped. My mom even commented on how she saw me one day with nothing and saw me again two days later looking like I had a balloon under my sweatshirt! This was the time of my pregnancy that I finally started to feel pregnant and enjoyed people seeing my belly knowing they would view it as baby belly instead of food baby belly! As my belly grew, I was scared of my belly button popping out (I really hate belly buttons so the idea of mine becoming an outie just grossed me out, I’m sorry!) but luckily for me, it only ever went “flat”.

This was also the time that the back pain and belly pain really started to kick in, as well as the sleepless nights. I had developed some pretty restless legs (particularly my toes for some reason?) and they would keep me up for hours due to the uncomfortable feeling.

Despite all that, this trimester was super exciting as it’s when we decorated the nursery, had a baby shower, and bought a whole ton of baby clothes! (I definitely went overboard and have zero regrets!) We read zero articles on labour and took zero classes, which I do not recommend, but it ended up alright for us.

As the weeks progressed and my belly grew bigger, it also grew tighter. I began to hate anything even slightly touching it – from clothes to seat belts to my husband! It was just so painful and uncomfortable.

Leaving Work

At the 36 weeks mark of my pregnancy, I was able to begin my maternity leave and wait out the days until my daughter decided to make her appearance. I was getting closer and closer to my due date but still hadn’t experienced any Braxton hick contractions. This made me really nervous that my daughter was never going to want to leave and that I would need a c-section – something my OB was really concerned about as well. (I have nothing against c-sections, I personally just didn’t want one if I could avoid it.)

At 39 weeks and 5 days, my pregnancy journey had come to an end as Charlotte decided she was ready to enter the world. You can read all about my labour and delivery story here

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