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So You’re Engaged – Now What?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Pop the champagne and go ahead and put on that ring!! You’re probably feeling an emotional high right now, and I don’t blame you, because this is one of the most fun, exciting and loving times ever! But it is also extremely busy. There are so many things to think about, so many people to contact and so much to get done. That’s why I created the “You’re Engaged – Now What?” series – in order to help you navigate this stage of your life!

What You Need to do Right After Getting Engaged

Welcome to my “You’re Engaged – Now What?” series! This is part 1 of the ongoing, 10 part, series. If you haven’t already, be sure to continue on for help, advice, and free printables!

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Enjoy the Moment

Before you start to get fully-emersed into the craziness of planning a wedding, take a moment or two to celebrate with your partner-for-life-to-be. Pop a bottle of champagne and savour each others company! You can never re-live this moment, so soak it in! It won’t be long from now that you may wish to pull your hair out from the stress of wedding planning – so enjoy the feeling of bliss now!

Once people start noticing your ring, be prepared to get a lot of people asking you “when’s the big day?” or “will I be invited?”. These questions will be asked whether or not the engagement happened five minutes ago or five years ago. But believe it or not, they are not the first thing that needs to be figured out. What is? Well, as someone who is currently (as of writing this) in the midst of planning their own wedding, here are the first five things I realized must be done once you’re engaged!

There are so many things to think about, so many people to contact and so much to get done. Here to help is the "You're Engaged – Now What?" series. Click To Tweet

1. Tell The Important People

The first thing you should do after your partner pops the question is to tell those important to you. Maybe consider throwing a surprise engagement party to announce the news to everyone important to you all at once! If you’re not wanting to throw an engagement party, you can give your loved ones a call. Whatever you do, do not let the people close to your heart find out through a social media update. Set aside a few moments to call and text those important to you.

Once you’ve let everyone close to your heart know about your engagement, go ahead and make the update on social media. It’s finally time to open up that Instagram app and post a ring selfie. Even better, share the video of the proposal if it was caught on film! Go ahead and include all the exciting hashtags (#ISaidYes, #HePutARingOnIt, etc). Remember to be polite and thank all those well-wishers.

2. Secure Your Ring

This is probably the most boring part of the early-days in your engagement, but it is very important. It is time to get your ring sized and insured if not already. You’ll want the sizing done in time for any engagement photos you may schedule. Keep in mind: resizing your ring can take anywhere from one day to two weeks. The length of time can depend on the store, the ring type, and how much the ring is being resized. I had to go from a size 5 to a 3 with a standard band, and that took three days. You’ll definitely feel naked while it is getting resized, but it’ll feel so much better once it fits your finger perfectly.

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3. Get Thinking

While waiting for your ring to be resized, start to think about date ideas and look for possible wedding inspiration. Keep in mind that there is no possible way to set an official date until you find and book your venue, but have an idea of the season you would like to get married in and what year. Are you planning on having a long engagement or a short? Do you want certain weather, and if so, what month is that weather more likely? Do you have a significant date to get married on in mind?

This is the part of the process where you can make an “All My Wildest Dreams” or “Once Upon a Dream” list and decide what your dream wedding would look like. Having this list is helpful for when you need to sit down with your partner and discuss the vision you have in mind for the big day. This is also where Pinterest can be a great asset! If you’re not a fan, Google Doc can work nicely or the traditional method of saving photos and sharing them in person.

Engagement Photography Photos
Fun Fact: I was four months pregnant in my engagement photos.

4. Schedule Engagement Photos

The next part of the engagement process would be to schedule your engagement photos. (You may want to book an appointment for a manicure as well! There will be no shortage of photos of your hands up-close by any engagement photographer.)

Booking a photographer involves plenty of research due to there being so many with such different pricing. The photographer you pick now could easily be the one who does your wedding photography also. Almost all wedding photographers provide a package deal for engagement and wedding photos. You’ll want to find a photographer that you love and who you believe will capture your day the way you dream it to be. Prepare yourself with a list of questions for your photographer before signing on with them.

5. Get Ready To Plan

Finally, the last step is to get a wedding planning checklist/binder. There are some fantastic binders both online and in stores such as Indigo. You’ll want something that provides a timeline, categories, and a place for your loose papers. You could also try to make one yourself with a notebook, a small bag, and different coloured writing utensils. Once you have this, you have officially moved from “announcing an engagement” to “planning a wedding”. Check out my post on “The First Questions to Ask Your Newly-Engaged Self” and follow along with the series for your timeline on planning a wedding!!

Engagement Shoot

Once again though, don’t forget to relax with your partner. Especially as you move further into your wedding planning journey. If the stress is ever eating you alive, then try to take a night and do something just the two of you. Go bowling, or mini putting, or out for some ice cream – maybe even all three? Wedding planning can get insanely stressful, so take some time to laugh, reconnect, and remember why you’re getting hitched in the first place.

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Top Things to do Once You're Engaged
Things to do Once Engaged



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