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Dollar Tree Easter Basket for Toddlers

I love any excuse to put together a good gift basket so I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to make Charlotte one for Easter! She may not understand what it is or why I am giving her a basket full of things new to her, but I do know she’ll at least enjoy ripping it all out of the basket.

I wanted to make Charlotte a toy-based basket full of not only Easter-related items but also items that can be practical for summer play as well as craft time. I aimed to achieve while making the most of a modest budget by only shopping at the Dollar Tree (with one thing from Walmart).

Dollar Tree has a TON of basket options all the way from non-themed baskets to baskets that have “Happy Easter” written in large bubble letters. I opted for a simple pink basket as it can be used all year long and will match Charlotte’s room. If she grows up and one day tells me she doesn’t like pink than I will gladly take it off her hands!

The store also has a ton of different Easter grass options but I choose a paper variety for the fact that it is both environmentally friendly and pet friendly. The colour choice of pink and purple grass was made to match the basket.

While Charlotte’s basket has a pink theme, the Dollar Tree has everything you see in this post in most colours! There are plenty of blue, red, yellow, and green baskets as well as different coloured Easter grass. I went with pink because pink makes me happy and Charlotte is not old enough to have a colour preference yet. If you prefer other colours or your children have their own favourite colour, Dollar Tree very likely has it.

You can’t do an Easter basket without bunny ears and a stuffed animal! I won’t lie, the bunny ears are entirely for me as Charlotte will probably only wear them once for a quick photo before ripping them off. However, she is currently obsessed with her stuffed animals so adding a sparkly bunny to the collection is bound to make her happy. I already know she is going to be fascinated by the texture of the bunny’s ears and feet.

Dollar Tree had two different types of bunny ears offered at my shop – the classic bunny ears which came in either pink or blue, and a pair with literal bunnies as the ears. I was really tempted to go for the non-traditional one given how unique they are but went for the actual bunny ears in hopes of recreating some of these photos.

The book in the left photo is the one and only purchase from Walmart.

Charlotte’s loves to “read” her books to herself, so I knew I had to include a book in her Easter basket. I didn’t want an Easter-themed book as then I would only want to read it once a year (also why I don’t like buying Christmas, Halloween, or any holiday books) and aimed for a bunny-themed one instead. This was actually the first purchase I made for Charlotte’s basket even before I decided to build her a basket. I found this “Some Bunny Loves You” book for only 10 dollars and it was just too cute to pass up!

Continuing with Dollar Tree

Charlotte hasn’t even seen chalk yet but this egg-shape six pack was a must have for her summer play! Charlotte definitely has the motor skills for drawing with chalk, but I am not positive if she has the ability resist the temptation of putting it in her mouth. It is very possibly that this summer play will mostly turn into Tim and I drawing for her while she watches!

The last two items I picked up for Charlotte’s box was a pack of bubble wands and a pack of Easter-themed stamps.

Charlotte is loving bubbles recently! We blow bubbles nearly every day that we go on a walk and Charlotte loves watching them fly away with the wind and pop. She’s not quite in the “I-Need-To-Chase-These” stage but I know once that comes, I will want to have lots of bubble wands handy.

I threw in the Easter-themed stamps specifically for craft time. Stamps are a perfect way for young toddlers to make some art while not making a mess!

The Finished Product

And that’s that! Everything in Charlotte’s Easter basket – the four bubble wands, the eight stamps, the six chalk pieces, the stuffed animal, the bunny ears, the Easter grass, and the basket itself – was all only 1.25 dollars from the Dollar Tree. The “Some Bunny Loves You” book was only 10 dollars from Walmart.

Good luck with your DIY Easter basket and Hoppy Shopping!



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