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8 Creative Ideas for Baby’s Monthly Photos

Little Miss Charlotte is ten months old! It blows my mind that in just two months, she will be celebrating her first birthday! This has flown by and I have absolutely adored every second of being a Mom to such an amazing little girl.

I feel like we definitely hit the jackpot with our Charlotte. She is the happiest, funniest, sweetest, and most perfect little girl ever! She loves to play games like “peek-a-boo” and enjoys pretending to read her books. It’s funny because she is able to stand by herself but the moment she realizes she is doing it, she does downward dog and sits on her butt. She still sucks at sleeping, but I’m hopeful that this is the month that she catches on!

I have really enjoyed capturing Charlotte’s monthly photos with her on the chair wearing a milestone headband. If I am being honest, I’m kind of sad I only had two more pictures to take! One of the things I love about this way of capturing Charlotte’s monthly milestones is how you can see her physical abilities progress in each photo.

I am fascinated by the ways other people choose to document their baby’s monthly ageing milestones. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, to share some of the other options that are out there for anyone needing ideas and to also have a list I can go to if/when Tim and I have another baby! With that, here are ten photo ideas for your baby’s monthly pictures!

8. Milestone Blanket

Katie over at katharclark  records her little one’s monthly milestone with the use of a baby blanket! To further add some charm, Katie changes the monthly marker each month. October included a Halloween decor and December had some Christmas garland!

I love this idea because you have a static object in each photo which quickly shows how much your baby is growing month to month!

7. Letter Board

Hayley over at Hayley Hallmark uses a letter board each month to document her son’s age and milestones! By including different loves and interest, you can immediately see what Rowan is into each month. This is such a handy way to remember the months that go by too fast!

I love this idea as I am terrible at remembering to write in Charlotte’s baby book, so by having a picture with a reminder of what she likes each month, I may not forget anything when I do eventually write in it!

6. Bath Stickers

Alexandra over at ThisFamilyTree has a different theme for each month! For her daughter’s eight month photo, she used bath stickers – even completing the photo with a rubber ducky, a bath towel, and a fresh baby.

This method is so simple but such a cute way to document your baby’s growth. It has a little place in my heart for being so sweet.

5. Themed Flat Lay

Rosie over at RosieMaxhimer commits to creating a full themed flat lay for her children’s monthly photos! For December, Rosie created a snowglobe flat lay with a snowman, blowing snow, and a little tree. Major props to Rosie for having the creativity to create a full life-sized layout for their little one each month!

If you’re someone who has a lot of time and creativity, this is definitely a method you would never regret.

4. Number Blocks or Pages

Celine over at BicketsFamily uses numbered pages when taking her daughter’s monthly photos! This is a great way to keep things simple while also documenting your baby’s age each month. Love how Celine fills the photo in with themed decor as well to match the holidays!

3. Creative Numbers

Jenna over at her Instagram JennnaCross builds numbers out of objects that match the holidays or the weather! As you can probably guess, the above photo is from October when Jenna built a number 7 out of pumpkins and added some decorative flowers to fill the number in. Jenna also has her daughter wearing the same white one-piece outfit in each monthly photo to add to the simplicity of the picture.

I love the idea of having something in your baby’s monthly photo that matches the holidays or the weather. It is such a sweet idea to be able to look back and quickly know “this is what you looked like around Halloween”!

2. Chalkboard

Aryn over at her Instagram arynelisse uses a chalkboard and her husband to document their son Sawyer’s monthly “birthdays”. Again, such a simple technique but so memorable and eye-catching. Being able to watch how Sawyer fills in his father’s arms is what will make this series so fun to create and share!

1. Over-The-Shoulder

Twins? Carly over at A Modern Mom uses an over-the-shoulder method to take her twin’s monthly photos! I absolutely love the simplicity of this method – Carly does her hair differently each month (props to her because the only hairstyle I know how to do is a ponytail or a sock bun) and has her twin’s wear a different themed item according to month. Usually, it is just her daughter wearing a bow that matches Carly’s sweater, but for December, both babies got to wear reindeer ears!

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